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June 7th, 2013 etcare14

Hey friends,

So after a fun few days of golf and a wedding, I moved to Hartford last Sunday. With some help from my family, I moved into a dormitory that is part of the Hartford Hospital complex. A number of us in the program are living here, so I think it will be a convenient and fun place to live for the duration of the program. The room is pretty cozy, and I even have a balcony, which is a solid feature.

The first few days this week have been an exciting mix of orientations, tours, and making new friends. There are seventeen of us in the program, including five Holy Cross Crusaders (myself included). Most of the other summer interns are from New England schools such as BC, UMass, and UConn. This week we have gone through computer, statistics, and library trainings to get acquainted. We have also gotten a number of tours around the hospital, seeing just about every department and how they all work. Hartford Hospital is a first class, big, urban hospital, so it is exciting to see how many opportunities there are for us to shadow and see almost any area on a first hand basis.

At nights after work, it has been nice to relax with some of the other summer interns. A few of us went running at Trinity College the other night, and have also just kind of walked around the area immediately surrounding the hospital. It is a nice way to unwind at the end of the day and get my bearings straight. There is also a really nice gym in the basement of our building, which I used last night with a couple of the other guys in our program. I’m sure that will become a regular routine for us as the summer goes on. We also got ice cream after our workout, which was fun, but in hindsight might have negated our workout.

Since we have a half day tomorrow, I am planning to go back home for the weekend. It should be a nice way to relax and see some friends. I also realized within my couple days here that I forgot a few things at home, so it will be helpful in that sense, too.

We have one more day of orientation on Monday, and jump in head first from there on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it. Keep you posted.

All the best,


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