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Ending week 2, starting week 3

June 16th, 2013 etcare14

As promised, I’m writing today to share the end of last week and the past weekend. I went in to my physician- mentor’s office Friday to continue my work on hernia repair research. I still have a lot of data entry ahead, but we’re making solid headway in the initial data set. It has been interesting to work on this end of the medical world, and it seems like an important other side of the coin to see. I’m excited to see where this project will take us and what conclusions we might be able to draw. I have some edits and changes to make today in preparation of receiving the rest of our data set early this week, but its looking up from here.

Although my internship is interesting, this blog is about my whole summer experience, so here’s a little bit about how I spent my weekend. After I got out on Friday I met Paul Hovey ’14 and Ryan Hallisey ’14 for dinner in West Hartford. Both are living up at Holy Cross this summer, but were home in Hartford for the weekend. It was good to see both of them and catch up as we walked around town for the evening. We got dessert and even got to see a live band performing in the center of town. West Hartford is a fun area that I plan on continuing to explore this summer.

I spent Saturday at Ryan’s house in Wethersfield, CT, as we watched the US Open golf coverage from Philadelphia, PA. We got dinner at Doogie’s, a hot dog stand in Wethersfield that has been documented on the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food. It was a cool place, and we got these massive hot dogs they are supposedly famous for.

The famous hot dog

After dinner we watched the Bruins game, which was pretty exciting. I was excited to see the B’s pull one out after a rough start.

Today we went to mass and then met Kelly Nedorostek ’14, who is another Hartford resident and is also doing the same program as me at Hartford Hospital. We all met for lunch at a cool outdoor taco place in West Hartford, so it was a fun afternoon.

Overall, lots of solid Holy Cross interactions this weekend. It was good to see everyone I did, and thanks to Ryan for his hospitality. Now its time to do some research work and follow the rest of the US Open. This week I’m planning to shadow my doctor some more and hopefully see some procedures. When the rest of our data gets in I’ll definitely spend a good amount of time on that. I’m also hoping to try to shadow some other doctors around the hospital this week, so we’ll see if I’m able to squeeze that in.

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