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Week 3: Midweek report

June 20th, 2013 etcare14

So midway through my third week in Hartford, I’m finally starting to find my way around the hospital and the areas I am working. There are a number of skybridges around the complex, and I have finally been able to figure out where they begin and end, luckily in time to get out of the rains we’ve been having this week. Monday I was able to shadow in the morning, and entered the rest of our original data cohort. The last couple of days I have done a bit more shadowing and worked on doing some more background reading to prepare for receiving the rest of our data set, which should be happening soon. I’m pretty interested in pediatrics, so I’m trying to spend a day or two this summer at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC), which is right across the street from Hartford Hospital. I sent out a couple emails today to see if I can set something up. Hopefully that will work out and I can do some work in pediatric medicine in the next few weeks.

Overall, I have really enjoyed working and observing around the hospital these past few weeks. Observing surgeries has been exciting, and I think it is something I could see myself doing if all goes according to plan. It’s a lot of standing for long periods of time, but lots of running and Frisbee practices have given me steady legs. Besides that, which isn’t really an issue, I’ve greatly enjoyed my clinical time so far.

Tonight after I got out I went to the hospital gym in our building for a while, it felt great. They were selling yoga mats there for $5, which caused big internal debate as to whether to buy one. I got into yoga a bit on an immersion trip this past fall, so this could be a good way to continue that practice.

As for the social scene, Monday night a couple of the other interns and I went out to dinner to watch the Bruins game. As a proud transplanted New Englander, I was happy to see the Bruins come out on top. We had a good time, and I enjoyed getting out and exploring Hartford. Here’s to hoping they can get another tonight.

Hope you check back in soon.


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