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Week 3: HC Connections

June 22nd, 2013 etcare14

This week I met up with and had dinner with Dr. Paul Vignati, a Holy Cross grad and doctor working at Hartford Hospital. It was a funny connection, and we had an interesting chat the other night about Holy Cross, sports, and medicine. Just meeting with him was a sign of the strength of the Holy Cross network, but he also brought that up too. He mentioned how he still has his Holy Cross friends he sees occasionally, and the number of times he has met or worked with other Holy Cross alumni over the course of his career. He was very willing to tell me about what he does and to have me shadow him for an afternoon in the future, which I will certainly take him up on. I ran into him a couple times later in the week, and it was great to have our HC connection, but it was also good to just know another face around the hospital. He said that he works with my doctor occasionally, so I’m sure I’ll see him again. Overall an interesting connection and a sign of the HC network’s strength.

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