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Week 9: Last seminar

August 3rd, 2013 etcare14

Hey friends,

As my internship at Hartford Hospital draws to an end, it is exciting to be wrapping up long standing projects while continuing to learn and see new things. On Wednesday I worked some more on my TAP block project, which is coming along well. Next week I have to get some data on pain levels from our control group, those who had hernia surgery done without a TAP block, before I get into data analysis. I observed a small procedure Wednesday afternoon with my physician, who was more than welcoming. It is nice that he is so accommodating and willing to have me numerous times throughout the week. That night I went out to dinner in West Hartford with a family friend, which was fun.

My doctor recommended that I spend a day with another one of the surgeons in his practice, which I did on Thursday. We spent a very long day in the OR, but at this point it is something I expect and have become used to. He was a really nice guy that I enjoyed meeting and spending time with. He was also hilarious, which is something I have noticed among a good number of doctors in Hartford, contrary to public belief. I also spent some time observing the anesthesiologist that day, which went along well with my work on TAP blocks. I have repeatedly found is that it is one thing to read about a procedure or medicine online or through my research, but it is another to see it in person and how it benefits patients. Over the course of this summer I have developed and discovered an interest in anesthesiology and how as a field it plays into medicine and surgery. I could definitely see myself going that route in the future, but we will see.

Part of what has made this experience so gratifying for me is how everyone I have met has been tremendously welcoming and willing to teach. I think a lot of this comes from many doctors’ individual passions for what they do. This is exciting to see, and I hope that one day I can develop such an interest and expertise in my profession, while also being able to teach and excite the next generation.

We also had our last weekly seminar Thursday, where we talked about the UN’s Millenium Development Goals and how they play into medicine. Our weekly seminars have been a good way for us all to reconvene and learn something new. I have enjoyed seeing the other interns and catching up after not seeing each other all week. This week one of the girls in our program made brownies, which were a hit. At night on Thursday I wrapped up my main research project and edited my poster, which my doctor approved, for our research symposium next week. Friday I spent the morning in the office with him and another physician joining his practice, which was intriguing. I liked seeing how he was getting acquainted with a new system and environment.

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