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Week 10: Poster done

August 7th, 2013 etcare14

Hey all,

Hope you all had a good weekend. I spent this past weekend out in neighboring Rhode Island, which I enjoyed tremendously. It was crazy to think over the weekend that within a week I will be finished with this amazing experience I have had in Hartford this summer.

I got back from my weekend away on Sunday night, and Monday morning I was back at it for my last week here. After sending a bunch of emails before going in, I spent the morning in the OR with my mentor. I then went down to the hospital’s digital printing center to pick up the hard copy of my poster for my presentation on Friday. This poster displays the results of my project on anterior component separation, which was my main research project this summer. Pleased with the results and how the poster itself came out, I am looking forward to presenting my research at the end of the week. One of the reasons I applied and was excited for this internship was the opportunity to do some pretty high level clinical research, and it did not disappoint. For the rest of Monday afternoon I continued plugging away on my TAP block research, inputting the rest of the data from the experimental group.

This morning was my long awaited shift with the hospital’s helicopter EMS crew, Lifestar. I loved seeing the insides of the helicopter and learning the ins and outs of aerial EMS. I have always had an enthusiasm for aviation, as well as medicine, so this experience combined these interests well. I was able to read some awesome magazines about the field in the flight crew’s lounge, which allowed me to learn more about the roles helicopters can play in emergency medicine. Despite the fact that I did not get to go up in the helicopter, it was a fun experience that I got a lot out of.

After getting out of my shift with Lifestar I got some lunch and got back to work. I plugged in the numbers from our control group in our TAP block project, which is just about done. Even though it will be published well past the end of my internship, I can’t wait to see how this study turns out, and I will be proud to have played a role, albeit small.

Stay tuned for updates from the rest of my last week in Hartford.


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